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I would love to paint a special painting for you.  To help you create that special piece to bring more joy and colour to your life..

Each commissioned piece is unique and created just for you and with you.  I have a very limited commission schedule and am currently accepting 5 commissions a year on a first come first serve basis.


    • Firstly we chat on the phone and you send me any images which could be a starting point.
    • We then arrange a visit [if close enough] or we have a virtual meeting if you are further away.
    • We discuss what kind of things create the feeling you want for the piece and where it is to be located. We discuss the colours that you love and the objects, plants, and spaces which are special to you.
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    • You pay a non-refundable deposit of 30% and I paint a small series [often 2 or 3] in response to our discussions.

    • I take as long as it takes!! Often a couple of months to complete these pieces.

    • You come and choose your piece.

    • I have it framed in a beautiful box frame and seal it with UV protection and a soft wax finish.
    • I give you a Certificate of Authenticity and deliver your work.
    • You share pics with me of it in situ if you would like [I love this!]

your commission

If you would like to discuss your special commission then please feel free to email me at or message me at Tel: 07968486618 and I will ring you back to discuss.

♡ Lisa




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