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Living with Art

Hey my fellow studio friends,

Art is more than just pretty pictures hanging on walls, right? It's like a magic key that unlocks doors to understanding the world, sparking movements, and even tuning into the whole universe's vibe.  It is the deepest act of hope.

Science even says appreciating art can boost your mood and help you figure out who you are on a deeper level. Who knew staring at cool stuff could do so much?

For me, painting every day is a key part of my rhythm and a way to share the experience of landscapes both physically around me and also emotional landscapes.  I love creating art that makes your soul pause and breathe, bringing a sense of contemplation and joy

When someone buys my art, it's like they're inviting a little piece of happiness into their home. It warms my heart to see how art connects us and reminds us of the love and support we humans naturally share.  Seeing my art find its forever home feels like watching my child make a new friend – so heartwarming and peaceful.

It's amazing to watch people pick out their perfect piece. They might be drawn to the colours, the mood, or the texture, but somehow, it always feels like the art was made just for them. ✨ Collectors are like the ultimate cheerleaders for artists, connecting the dots from creation to happy home.

So next time you're out there, stop and ask yourself: how does this art make me feel? Don't overthink it, just let your intuition guide you. There are no wrong answers!

Remember, art is beautiful, it's powerful, and it can empower you in ways you might not even realise.  So keep exploring, keep creating, and keep letting your soul be sparked by the magic of art! ✨

I love doing room mock ups so feel free to email me with images of your home and I will show you what your favourite piece will look like in situ.

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