My secret haven! - Lisa Henshall

My secret haven!

Forget fancy studios! My creative haven is a tiny converted Old Harness-maker's workshop tucked inside a quirky walled garden, behind the Old Harness-maker's house. It's more overgrown jungle than landscaped perfection, but that's where the my creativity happens.

When I moved here it was derelict with a gravel area and slowly I am growing this space into being something which is sacred to me. 

Plants? Tons of 'em. Colours? Exploding paintbox levels. Textures? From spikey crocosmia to feathery ferns, I am playing with it all.   And the smells? Oh my goodness, sometimes when the roses and lilac are out, the walls hold the scents so when I open the gate it is insanely joyous.

This garden isn't just scenery; it's my muse.  Sunlight paints the floor, the sounds of water, and the honeysuckle practically begs to be on canvas. Sometimes, I just grab my paints and escape into the green, letting the wind guide my brush. Pure bliss! 

Spring and summer, the doors (and garden gate!) swing open BY APPOINTMENT ONLY for fellow art peeps.  We chat, sip tea under the trees, and get lost in the creative flow.

Winter? Hibernation mode in the studio. I dream up new stuff, the garden sleeps it off, and the occasional hedgehog keeps things lively.

There were many years when my creative space was my sketchbook, or the end of the family dining room table.  I believe everyone should have a creative space, I would love to hear about yours.
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